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Connect With a Veteran Support Group

Connect With a Veteran Support Group

Let us help you find support in Billings, MT

One of the most valuable resources a veteran can have is access to a veteran support group. At VFW Post 6774 in Billings, MT, we're proud to raise funds to connect veterans with support groups, scholarships and organizations like Dog Tag Buddies, Horses Spirits Healing, Patriot's Pen and Voice of Democracy. With our veteran fundraisers, we're able to help veterans connect with the resources they need.

Call 406-248-3148 now if you'd like to join a support group.

Building a support network for you

Support can come from many places - and often has to. That's why one of the keys of our veteran support groups is family involvement. When possible, we strive to involve family in the support group to build out a stronger support network for every veteran. Through educating the family and giving them the tools to help support the veteran, we develop a network that provides support everywhere a veteran turns.

Learn more about our veteran fundraisers or support groups by contacting us today.